Saturday, September 30, 2006

.NET developer's first look at Ruby(rails)

Ok so ...all the buzz about Ruby on Rails finally got to me and I decided to check out the official website and see what I am missing.

This is what I had heard about Ruby on rails:After several minutes of browsing, I now know that:
Pretty cool huh!! However because of my .NET and PHP background, it took me a while to get used to the Ruby syntax. Here is some Ruby code to display all items of array "names".

@names.each do
puts "Hello #{name}!"

Maybe it is just a matter of getting used to. Anyway, If I have gotten you excited about Ruby(rails) and you want to check it out yourself, I strongly recommend this 15 minute interactive Ruby tutorial .

I am going to download this Ruby editor for windows next and write some "hello world" type programs. Based on how things look right now ...I might have to do this in the future:

MyBlog.Title[".NET"] = "Ruby on Rails"

Get it?

You might try also
Ruby IDE for visual studio 2005
which is Ruby .NET CLR bridge

and just take a look at
which is a Ruby compiler implemented on .NET platform - beta for now
Thanks for the links to these excellent resources!!
Hi Rushabh,

I too am a .Net developer (just started a month ago!) who is interested in RoR!

A simple Google showed me that there seems to be a potential mass exodus from .Net to RoR!

For now, I am going to be a .Net programmer by day and try RoR by night!
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